Romney Ad Comes Out Swinging Against Obama's Dirty Campaign

Romney Ad Comes Out Swinging Against Obama's Dirty Campaign

Breitbart News has confirmed with the Romney campaign some good news: that the ad below isn’t a web ad,  it will run in the swing states:

This is an effective ad that hits on offense and attempts to capitalize on the appalling “cancer” ad produced by Priorities USA, a pro-Obama superPAC run by Bill Burton, Obama’s former deputy press secretary.

Wisely, the Romney ad also reminds voters that Priorities USA received the White House’s blessings.

Obviously, in its attempt to keep its distraction machine firing on all cylinders, Team Obama might have over reached with an attempt to blame the tragic death of a man’s wife on Mitt Romney. They most certainly overreached when senior Obama campaign advisor, Stephanie Cutter, was caught red-handed lying about her knowledge of the ad.

What Romney’s hoping to do here is change the subject to Obama’s character or lack thereof. After all, this is a president defying gravity in the polls based mostly on his favorability ratings — and this ad hits him right in that sweet spot. Better still, it does so without looking defensive and like a campaign that’s complaining.

Hopefully, this is just the beginning of Team Romney’s attack on that sweet spot. It’s well past time for the Romney campaign to grab hold of a kitchen sink and relentlessly expose this president as the failed, dirty, dishonest man he really is. And there’s no question that over the past few months, Obama’s given Romney plenty of material to work with.

Romney’s been on defense for going on seven weeks now.  Hopefully, this is the first step in turning a corner.


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