Biden's Ridiculous Rhetoric

Biden's Ridiculous Rhetoric

Bumbling, stumbling, Joseph Robinette Biden is at it again. But instead of his typical goofy gaffe, this week brought one far more sinister. The Vice President of the United States was caught saying the Republican Party is “going to put y’all back in chains” to a largely African-American crowd in a historically significant Civil War town in Virginia. 

The plantation imagery was clear. Even Former Democrat Virginia Governor Doug Wilder, the first African-American to be elected governor in the United States, took Biden to task, calling the comment “divisive and certainly uncalled for,” and emphasized, “Slavery is nothing to joke about.”

Biden said those words because he thinks he can get away with it, as he and others in the Democrat Party have for years. The Obama campaign is desperately trying to brush the quote off as a non-controversial, non-issue, but Biden knew exactly what he was doing. As a Democrat party attack dog for decades, he knows that words have consequences and that how you say them and who you say them to reveals even more. He knows the connotations of using the words “back in chains” to an African-American audience. Biden is trying to frighten an African-American audience into turning out to vote for his failed ticket. And the fact that Biden, born in Pennsylvania and the former senator of the state of Delaware, suddenly developed a deep southern drawl to emphasize his point makes it even more damning.

Joe Biden’s sickening, race-baiting comments just show how divisive President Obama’s campaign really is. Americans are getting sick of all the one-sided charges of racism, the pandering to interest groups, and the division of Americans on racial, economic, and religious lines. There is no place for this kind of rhetoric in American politics. 

President Obama and Vice President Biden are running a campaign of hate and division because their disingenuous message of hope and change has failed the American people. The indefensible, scorched-earth campaign run by these two men is unbecoming of the offices they currently hold and seek to retain. 

Americans know when they see pandering, and Biden’s speech this week has only crystallized that the Obama-Biden ticket really does not have a plan to get America working again; their only plan is to demonize and divide.