Obama Campaign Sending Gaffe-Prone Biden to Solid Blue States

Obama Campaign Sending Gaffe-Prone Biden to Solid Blue States

The Obama campaign will send Joe Biden to three safe blue states next week, a move indicating the campaign may fear the effect of the vice president’s increasingly frequent gaffes.

Last week, in the critical swing state of Virgina, whose 13 electoral votes President Barack Obama must secure to win reelection, Biden was a headline-making machine.

In Danville, a city with a past history of racial strife, Biden told a half-black audience that Republicans were “gonna put y’all back in chains.” He also forgot that he was in Virginia, rejoicing, “We can win North Caolina again.” He mocked a sign-language interpreter, forgot what century he was in. 

A local bakery refused to serve Biden because the owner was upset with Obama’s “You didn’t build that” comments. He was denounced by former Virginia Gov. Doug Wilder. His staffers were accused of trying to manipulate pool reports, and even the friendly mainstream media turned on him. As the week ended, speculation intensified about whether Obama considered replacing him with Hillary Clinton. 

On Tuesday, Biden will travel to Minnesota. Obama leads by an average of 10.5 points, according to the Real Clear Politics (RCP) average of polls.

On Wednesday, Biden will travel to Michigan, where Obama leads by an average of 7.7 points in the RCP average.

And on Friday, Biden will travel to New York, where Obama leads by 25.5 points in the RCP average.