Occupy RNC Attempts to Storm GOP Convention

Occupy RNC Attempts to Storm GOP Convention

In what appears to be the first large-scale act of illegal behavior from OccupyRNC, activists jumped over police barricades in an effort to storm the GOP’s national convention. 

The barricades, erected by law enforcement after various anti-RNC protest groups threatened to shut the convention down, mark the perimeter of the RNC grounds.

Law enforcement did a remarkable job in protecting the rights of the Americans participating in the RNC today, enduring bad weather, heat, and an OccupyRNC group seemingly intent on interfering with others rights of assembly and free speech.

The OccupyRNC group moved through the downtown Tampa area with police in tow, at times breaking up into small groups and scouting for holes in law enforcement’s protection of the RNC.

OccupyRNC claimed up to 5,000 participants would join them, but only several hundred showed up. With the likelihood of greater numbers arriving throughout the week, attendees can expect more disruptive and even illegal acts from the Occupiers.