Debate: What Happens When Obama Loses Control

Debate: What Happens When Obama Loses Control

The debate was another win for Governor Mitt Romney, but it also broke down President Barack Obama’s character and showed America a little bit behind the mask. He does not do well when he loses control.

Cracks started at the beginning, but it finally broke during the assault weapons question. Governor Romney had the nerve to bring up Operation Fast & Furious, the government gun walking operation that placed 2,000 weapons into the hands of Mexican drug cartels. These guns are linked to the deaths of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry and 300+ Mexican citizens. There was another gun walking operation out of Dallas and those guns are linked to ICE Agent Jaime Zapata’s death.

President Obama interrupted Governor Romney by getting Ms. Crowley’s attention. She obliged and turned the debate back to President Obama. He decided to stray into education and when Ms. Crowley tried to gain control of the debate he snapped.

Here is the video, but it’s important to look at the transcript because you can see him stutter on his words without the interruption of Ms. Crowley.

CROWLEY: Mr. President, I have to — I have to move you along here. You said you wanted to…

CROWLEY: We need to do it here.

OBAMA: But — but it’ll — it’ll — it’ll be…

OBAMA: … just one second.


OBAMA: Because — because this is important. This is part of the choice in this election.

When Governor Romney was asked whether teachers, hiring more teachers was important to growing our economy, Governor Romney said that doesn’t grow our economy.

When — when he was asked would class size…

CROWLEY: The question, Mr. President, was guns here, so I need to move us along.

OBAMA: I understand.

CROWLEY: You know, the question was guns. So let me — let me bring in another…

OBAMA: But this will make a difference in terms of whether or not we can move this economy forward for these young people…

CROWLEY: I understand.

OBAMA: … and reduce our violence.

CROWLEY: OK. Thank you so much.

It was obvious President Obama was intimidating Crowley. I wouldn’t say she was scared, but you can tell she was extremely uncomfortable. President Obama’s face was not friendly when he was interrupted, it was mean. 

Is this the real President Obama?