Palm Beach County Facing Ballot Integrity Issues

Palm Beach County Facing Ballot Integrity Issues

Palm Beach County, Florida has seen its share of voting issues in the past. Today, it’s seeing them, again.

The Arizona company that printed the county’s ballots omitted a heading over the area dealing with elections for judges on the Florida Supreme Court and 4th District Court of Appeal. Approximately 60,000 faulty ballots were printed and subsequently provided to voters. But the flawed ballots impacted all races on the ballot. When the header was inserted, it caused the ballots to shift, making a machine count impossible.

Consequently, about 27,000 ballots needed to be tabulated by hand. That process is playing out today, and there are already complaints. The problem is, duplicating a ballot is not the same as preserving it. Both political campaigns had to dispatch observers, and it’s being reported that about 60 people are overseeing the process.

Florida Secretary of State Ken Detzner also sent a letter to elections supervisor Susan Bucher indicating he was sending deputies to “observe and examine the registration and election processes and the condition, custody and operation of voting systems and equipment.”

Breitbart News also has observers on the ground and will update as appropriate.