Illinois Dems: Rep. Jesse Jackson 'Struggling'

Illinois Dems: Rep. Jesse Jackson 'Struggling'

Two Illinois congressmen visited embattled Rep. Jesse Jackson, Jr. (D-IL) in Washington, D.C. on Monday. The congressmen were pleased to see that Jackson’s mind was “in tact” and he could still think while acknowledging he had “a lot of issues” and was “struggling.” 

Reps. Danny Davis and Bobby Rush, Democrats, told the Washington Times Jackson was in good spirits but faces critical decisions once he gets healthy.  Jackson is under investigation and may be indicted for using federal money allocated for his offices in Washington and Chicago to decorate his Washington home. 

“He’s having a lot of issues,” Rush said. “He looks good, but he’s struggling.”

Davis said he thought Jackson could “definitely use some peace and quiet in a therapeutic environment where he’s not confronted with other kinds of things and just focus as much as possible on recovery.”

“We had some light moments. I was very pleased to see that his mind, as far as I can determine, is intact,” Davis said. “He is thinking, which is good. His hopes are high.”

Davis also said he thought Jackson still had “a lot of decisions to make” once he got better.

“I think he will make those [decisions], but the first decision is to make sure that he is healthy and able to function in this environment and I get the impression that that’s what he’s going to attempt to do,” Davis said.