Carney to GOP: 'Do a Little Work'

Carney to GOP: 'Do a Little Work'

White House press secretary Jay Carney on Tuesday said Republicans in the House should “do a little work,” even though the White House has been repeatedly late with its budget proposals and Senate Democrats have not passed a budget in over three years. 

President Barack Obama, meanwhile, has been too busy campaigning and going on television shows and radio programs to develop relationships with Republicans to work on big pieces of legislation. 

Carney said one step that the House of Representatives could take tomorrow, “if they saw fit to return to Washington to do a little work,” would be to pass a bill that does not extend the Bush tax cuts across the board.

“That would alleviate some of the so-called fiscal cliff,” Carney said. “And if Republicans were serious about addressing that issue, they would pass that bill tomorrow.”

Carney also admitted Obama and the White House was using military spending cuts — and the jobs that would be lost because of them — for political purposes. 

“What the President said last night was a reiteration of what his position has long been, which is that the sequester, which was designed and passed by Congress, was never meant to become policy,” Carney said. “It was never meant to be implemented.  It’s a designed trigger…”

Carney was either lying about the sequester not being “meant to become policy” or conceding how extremely political the White House has been under Obama.