MN: Bachmann Challenger Misrepresents History with Charity

MN: Bachmann Challenger Misrepresents History with Charity

Jim Graves, the Democrat who is challenging Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann (R), falsely claimed he was on the board of a charitable organization.

Graves’ bio on the Graves Hospitality website stated he had been a board member of the United Way in Central Minnesota. The organization researched all of its records and found nothing to indicate that Graves had been a board member.

The United Way of Central Minnesota called Graves at the beginning of October on two separate occasions, only to have its messages not returned.  And United Way CEO Patrick Powell confirmed Graves had never served on its board of directors. 

A Graves campaign spokesman tried to spin the misrepresentation by saying the website had contained a “misprint.” He also said Graves may not have remembered the details of his service. 

Bachmann campaign manager Chase Kroll said Graves got “caught red-handed,” and it was “dishonest and wrong for Jim Graves to claim he sat on a board of a charity when it is clearly not the case.”

“When you sit on a board, you go to board meetings. It’s a pretty simple thing to remember,” Kroll said. “If Jim Graves isn’t telling the truth about being on the board of a charity, what else is he not telling the truth about? Minnesotans deserve honest answers about the deeply troubling nature of Jim Graves’ pattern of misrepresenting himself and his business record.”