Clinton Celebrates Sandy While Staten Island Suffers

Clinton Celebrates Sandy While Staten Island Suffers

Today, Bill Clinton on Sunday praised President Obama’s response to the Hurricane Sandy, speaking of Obama’s great success in coordinating with Republican, Democratic and Independent politicians. 

Clinton called Obama’s involvement a “stunning example of how ‘we’re all in this together’ is a way better philosophy than ‘you’re on your own.'”

Tell that to the residents of Staten Island.

Tell that to the residents who had no water to drink for days, because FEMA, which promised on its website that it was prepared with bottled water, dawdled while taking bids from water suppliers because it lied about its preparedness.

Go ahead, prance about everything you’re doing while people are suffering.

Tell those non-union rescue teams from Alabama to get lost.

Tell Chris Christie that his rapprochement with Obama in order to enhance his gubernatorial chances because he’s scared to death of Cory Booker was completely unselfish.

You’re right, Bill.  You pols are all in this together.

And the people are indeed on their own.