Media Plays Up Obama-Christie 'Bromance' To Help Obama With Independents

Mitt Romney is clobbering President Barack Obama among independents in nearly every poll, so the mainstream media has tried to will independents back to Obama’s side by playing up the so-called “bromance” and bipartisanship between Obama and Republican New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie after Hurricane Sandy. 

In fact, even though Christie has said he is voting for Romney and Romney would be a better president than Obama, the media continues to discuss the Obama-Christie “bromance” rather than report on how poorly the relief efforts have gone in the many areas Sandy impacted. 

“I’m a Republican and I have endorsed Mitt Romney, I support him and I intend to vote for him on Tuesday,” Christie said on Sunday.

But the mainstream media–like ABC’s “This Week” (see above)–wants to make it seem like Christie endorsed Obama after Hurricane Sandy. 

Christie gave Obama a bear hug and both engaged in much-hyped photo ops immediately after Sandy made landfall. After Obama went back on the campaign trail, the real clean up started in areas Hurricane Sandy ravaged. 

But the press has not been as focused on the looting or people being forced to dive in dumpsters for scraps of food. Or the fact that FEMA was grossly ill prepared, even running out of bottled water

The death toll has risen, residents in New York and New Jersey are facing a week of freezing temperatures and potential snow storms without power. Christie has ordered gas rationing in New Jersey, and some have waited over 12 hours in line to get gas for their cars and generators. 

But the mainstream media cannot stop talking about Obama’s meeting with Christie because they want to portray Obama, who became one of the most polarizing presidents in history and did not even bother to try to work with Republicans, as a “bipartisan” leader in the days before Election Day to appeal to independents who tell pollsters they are sick of the bickering in Washington and want more consensus. 

These voters have been swinging toward Romney after the first presidential debate in swing states and nationally.