Advanced Equities Another Obama Green Casualty

Advanced Equities Another Obama Green Casualty has reported that Advanced Equities is going out of business. Who is Advanced Equities? They are the firm that raised money for Bloom Energy, Fisker, and Serious Energy. Yes, there was a company called Serious Energy that lost serious money. Breitbart News reported back in July on the Chicago connection of Serious Energy. And as you all know, Bloom and Fisker are the brain children of Al Gore and his team at Kleiner Perkins.

Forbes reported on the “lies” Advanced Equities used to raise money for Bloom Energy. But wait–Colin Powell, the Republican who endorsed Obama, is an independent member of the board of directors of Bloom Energy.  Surely now that the election is over and his man is back in office, Mr. Powell can investigate the business transactions of Bloom Energy and its associates. Or not.

The Forbes article linked above also states the following:

In September, Advanced Equitieswas charged with misleading prospective investors on a pair of private placements for private fuel cell maker Bloom Energy. Among the lies were that the company had more than $2 billion in order backlogs (it only had $42 million) and that it had a $1 billion order from a national grocery store chain (it was only $2 million). AE settled the charges by, among other things, agreeing to pay a $1 million penalty.

The Forbes article goes on to state: “I have also heard rumors that AE recently received subpoenas related to its fundraising efforts for another well-known cleantech company, but have not yet been able to get confirmation.”  

We ask–could this be Fisker?

Advanced Equities is the third green shoe to drop, after Serious Energy and A 123. David Petraeus is the first (former) General to drop. Who will drop next–another general or Fisker?  We know Senator Feinstein is trying to find out more about the Generals and that Senator Grassley is trying to find out more about Fisker and A 123.  The Senate will be mighty busy investigating the goings on of the Obama administration in matters green as well as khaki.  

Lindsay Leveen is a chemical engineer who has written a book titled Hydrogen – Hope or Hype? that deals with energy and sustainability.