HHS Releases Rules Regarding Pre-Existing Conditions Coverage

HHS Releases Rules Regarding Pre-Existing Conditions Coverage

The Obama administration is now setting the new rules for health insurance in the country – and it’s difficult to imagine how insurance companies will manage to survive.

First, the provision has been implemented that insurance companies must cover people with preexisting conditions. Second, the new regulations that prohibit charging women more than men are now in force. Say hello to paying more for somebody else’s baby. Third, the insurance companies can only charge up to three times more for older customer than younger customers, so all you strapping young youths out there, get ready to financially cripple your ability to get ahead. Fourth, sick customers get to pay the same premium as everyone else.

Anyone who doesn’t have insurance through their employer will be forced to buy  insurance with a huge pool of other people through a newly created exchange. This means that all the risks in the pool will be lumped together; someone with a hangnail will be in the same group as someone with two broken legs.

There may be a hitch; namely what to do about a federally run insurance exchange in the roughly 30 states that won’t set up their own, but HHS isn’t worried; Secretary Kathleen Sebelius bragged, “I’m confident states will have what they need to move forward.”