Adviser: Surrogates 'Eviscerating' Romney Previously Asked for Cabinet Positions

Adviser: Surrogates 'Eviscerating' Romney Previously Asked for Cabinet Positions

Mitt Romney’s foreign policy adviser Dan Senor ripped Romney advisers and surrogates who asked for positions in a future Romney cabinet before the election but then slammed Romney publicly days after his defeat. 

“They were talking about him because they believed he was going to win in four or five days,” Senor said. “In fact, some of them were already talking to our transition to position themselves for a Romney cabinet.” 

Though Senor did not name any names, he was speaking of those in what Pat Caddell has called the Republican “Consultant-Lobbyist-Establishment” complex. People in this permanent political class, Caddell said, are toxic and care more about making money and their own interests than the candidate they support.

“No presidential campaign should be run by consultants,” Caddell said. “They should be run by people who are committed to the candidate and not into making big money.” 

Senor said he would not “mention their names,” but they were “talking about Romney like he’s Reagan” days before Romney’s defeat. 

He said these surrogates and advisers were saying things like, “The debate performances were the best debate performances of any Republican nominee in presidential history,” and, “This guy-he’s iconic.”

“I won’t say who they are. They know who they are. They were on television. I mean, it was unbelievable. It was five, six days later, (they were) absolutely eviscerating him,” he said.