Obama, Feinstein Push Laws That End Gun Shows, Not Public Shootings

Obama, Feinstein Push Laws That End Gun Shows, Not Public Shootings

Nearly a week after the Connecticut school shooting, mainstream media talking heads and Democrat politicians continue to chant in unison, “Gun control, gun control, gun control…”

In the midst of this mantra — before any legislation has even been introduced — the promises have gone from reintroducing the “Assault Weapons Ban,” to banning AR-15 rifles, to banning 900 semi-automatic weapons, and now to banning gun shows as well. 

Did the Connecticut shooter buy his guns at a gun show? No. Adam Lanza didn’t buy them anywhere. He took them illegally and used them illegally.

So how safe will banning the gun shows that didn’t supply the guns used in Connecticut make us? 

No safer in the least. However, such a ban will go a long way in removing one of the central avenues law-abiding citizens use to obtain their handguns, rifles, shotguns, and ammo (which seems to be the ulterior plan anyway).

If Obama and Feinstein were serious about safety, they’d look at ways to enable more law-abiding citizens to defend themselves: especially law-abiding citizens who happen to be school teachers.

When I spoke to a law enforcement official in Phoenix, AZ about this matter on Wednesday, he put it this way: “If the school administrators had been armed, Lanza might still have killed the first one. But the second one could have unloaded on him, killing him on the spot. Of course, then it wouldn’t have even made the news.”