Sales Of Bulletproof Backpacks Soar After School Shootings

Sales Of Bulletproof Backpacks Soar After School Shootings

A company in Salt Lake City, that will not make any profit from the venture, is selling bulletproof backpacks that children can wear to school. Amendment II calls their item the “Ballistic Backpack”; it’s lined with carbon nanotube armor. The $300 backpack’s rear side has the armor sewn into it, and the lightweight backpack can be swung from back to front easily if the shield needs to be in front of the wearer.

Amendment II’s Jill Stringham said: “Our goal has always been from the very beginning of this company that we wanted to save lives, whatever level that is, we don’t care, whether that is children or military or Secret Service or whoever it is. Our passion and our goal and our science behind it is that we want to save lives.”

Sales went through the roof after the Newtown, Connecticut shootings; the company’s website crashed. Stringham explained, “They can’t get through because it’s taken them two to five minutes to upload our website.”

The backpack comes in boys, girls, and teen/young adult models, and the company also offers a tactical vest for kids and designer armor for adults.