Obama Using Gun Control to Distract from Financial Crisis

Obama Using Gun Control to Distract from Financial Crisis

As our national debt continues to soar, taxes to rise, and the overall economy to tank, President Obama is talking about…gun control.

He is doing this so he can seize on the emotions of those who operate emotionally rather than rationally, thereby diverting their attention from the real crisis our nation faces right now — which is financial in nature. 

We are still headed toward the fiscal cliff we narrowly missed days ago: our rendezvous with it was only pushed back a few months. Yet the focus coming out of the White House is on ending gun shows, making 30 round magazines harder to get, and adding a greater psychological component to background checks. 

Never mind that these things will neither stop or even delay another Sandy Hook from happening — they are not meant to. Rather, they are meant to take our eyes off the ball and redirect all emotion to a red herring so that the real fight–a fight to rein in spending, cut taxes, reduce our debt, and stabilize our economy–is not even talked about.

Moreover. Senators like Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) are right in line with Obama, pushing the wildest gun control schemes imaginable as a way to stir up even more emotion in the form of protest, thereby keeping our eye off the ball to an even greater extent.

Am I saying we accept gun control? NO, NO, NO, and even hell no — Our motto remains, “From my cold dead hands.”  But what I am saying is we can’t fight gun control in a way that allows Obama to play us

He and the Dems will always take more gun control if they can get it, but right now, as much as anything, they’re also happy with the diversionary benefits they get from focusing on guns while the economy slides ever closer to the brink.