Conn. Lawmaker Pushes Barney Fife Law: Limits Guns to One Round

Conn. Lawmaker Pushes Barney Fife Law: Limits Guns to One Round

Connecticut Democrat state senator Edward Meyer has put forward a bill which limits civilian firearms to one round.

Like Barney Fife in the old Andy Griffith series, you’ll have one bullet with which to defend all that’s valuable to you (including you).

Through bill No. 122, Meyer seeks to ban the purchase, private sell, transport, donation, or possession of any firearm that holds more than one round. His bill also makes it illegal “for any person to fire a gun that contains more than a single round” and for any person to “purchase, sell, donate, or posses a magazine or clip capable of holding more than a one round.”

As absolutely crazy as it is, the fact that Meyer wasn’t embarrassed to put this legislation forward provides us with a teachable moment concerning gun grabbers. For it reminds us that they are not rational and they do not understand that these rules would only apply to law abiding citizens. 

Moreover, they miss the fact that these rules would simply make it harder (nearly impossible) for a citizen to defend his or her life because even a criminal armed with a 5 shot revolver would have them outgunned by 400% from the start.

In truth, Meyer’s bill would create a criminal’s paradise.

This is how gun grabbers think–they see that criminals are able to hurt and/or kill large numbers of people in settings where it’s illegal to be armed for self-defense, and instead of doing the sensible thing and addressing the fact that innocent people are forcibly unarmed, they expose larger numbers of people to danger by effectively taking away their guns too.

Gun free zones have had deadly consequences for too many innocent people. We simply cannot be foolish enough to pile Meyer’s bullet free zones on top of it all.