Retired Cop Uses Gun to Stop Home Invasion

Retired Cop Uses Gun to Stop Home Invasion

Edward Flynn and his girlfriend walked in on two men robbing his house in LaPorte, Michigan. His gun put an end to the robbery and saved their lives.

Marshaun Wright and Ladell Hemsworth were in the middle of robbing Flynn’s house when he arrived home. Flynn pulled his gun and shot at them when they moved closer to him.

Wright is 24 and Hemsworth is 23. Flynn, a retired police officer, is 67; the paper did not list the age of the girlfriend. Considering Flynn’s age, the robbers could have easily overpowered him and his girlfriend. The gun saved their lives.

LaPorte County Prosecutor Bob Szilagyi knows this and does not see any reason to bring charges against Flynn.

”A person has a right to protect themselves and his property or somebody else if they feel they are in danger,” Szilagyi said.

Hemsworth and Wright, both recovering from their wounds, have been charged with felony burglary.