North Dakota Man Drives Home Invader from House with Gun

North Dakota Man Drives Home Invader from House with Gun

A man in Grand Forks, ND quickly put an end to the robbery of his home by hitting the burglar on the head with his .45 caliber Colt M1917.

Greg Kaml was sleeping when he heard someone else walking in the house. He grabbed his gun, jumped out of bed, and saw Jared Christensen leaving his roommate’s room with a laptop.

“I was pointing my .45 at him and told him to stop and get on the floor and he just kept coming right at me,” Kaml said. “We danced round the living room and kitchen a little bit. I’ve got a couple of purple toes; I’m not sure if he stomped on them or dropped the laptop on them.”

Christensen then pulled out his own pistol. Kaml hit Christensen in the head to try to knock him out. Eventually Christensen got out the kitchen door, but Kaml was afraid he would try to rob someone else. He shot at him two times, but neither bullet hit Christensen.

Kaml spends a lot of time fishing and hunting, but never thought he would use a gun for self-defense.

Christensen is charged with felony burglary, carrying a concealed weapon, possessing marijuana, and a pipe.