Biden: America 'Owes Latinos' for Supporting Obama

Biden: America 'Owes Latinos' for Supporting Obama

At the Latino Inaugural 2013 Concert at the Kennedy center Sunday night, Vice President Joe Biden went over the top in thanking the Latino community for their help in getting his boss reelected to the White House.

Biden pontificated that the support that Obama got from the Latino community was evidence of something “profound” that occurred; that the Latino community doesn’t know how powerful it is, and that by voting for Obama the community “spoke in a way that the world … could not fail to hear.”

Why didn’t he go whole hog and say the entire galaxy?

He then offered this gem: “America owes Latinos … this is your moment!”

He didn’t exactly define what America owes Latinos, as opposed to what America owes blacks, or whites, or Asians, but then, offering high-flown rhetoric without real meaning is Biden’s stock-in-trade.