Gallup: Only 39 Percent Have Positive View of America

Gallup: Only 39 Percent Have Positive View of America

When people say that Barack Obama is the worst president since Jimmy Carter, they’re not kidding; a new Gallup Poll taken between January 7-10 shows that when Americans were asked whether they had a positive view of the country, only 39% agreed. This is the lowest percentage since August 1979, when Carter was president, inflation was out of control and the economy was hurtling toward the abyss. The percentage of those who believe that things will be better in five years is only 48%, the lowest since that same time period under Carter. Another 40% said things will be worse.

When they were asked whether the United States stood five years ago, 55% said things were better, indicating their belief that the more they have seen of Barack Obama, the worse they have felt. But even that figure is revealing in other ways; the 55% number is the most negative number since 1991.

In contrast, at the beginning of George W. Bush’s first term, in January 2001, a whopping 73% of those polled were positive about America.

Most tellingly, 75% of Democrats say that the country will be better off in five years, while only 15% of Republicans do. While Democrats keep drinking the Kool-Aid, Republicans are preparing for the worst.

The negative numbers for Obama’s stewardship of America are historically low. Normally to a sitting president this would be a cause for concern, but this president has shown he doesn’t care one whit whether people are optimistic or not as long as he can transform the country into his dream socialist state.