Dr. Ben Carson: An Unapologetic Conservative of Color Whom the Left Hates and Fears

Dr. Ben Carson: An Unapologetic Conservative of Color Whom the Left Hates and Fears

Dr. Carson came to public prominence after his speech at the annual National Prayer Breakfast where he publically touched on his background, education and vision of what America could be, which was counter to the vision and course that President Obama has set upon over the last four years.

The Left, for its part, has simply tried to convince Americans that Conservatives of Color like Dr. Carson simply don’t exist–and that those who do are nothing more than paid tokens of the White Conservative Establishments. 

Yet the real reason behind the Left’s hatred of Dr. Carson is that he is a self-made man whose history is not a political/media creation or rooted in some form of victimization.

In a recent appearance on Fox’s Hannity program, leftist radio personality Leo Terrell accused host Sean Hannity of creating Dr. Carson. Terrell also labeled Dr. Carson “a monster,” going as far as to demand that Dr. Carson be censored publicly and stick to what he knows–medicine (i.e. shut up and remain in his place). 

Mr. Terrell is not the first nor will he be the last to attack Dr. Carson. The contributors over at MSNBC have made it their mission to destroy Dr. Carson, whatever it takes. They see him as a direct threat to their narrative that minorities in America only achieve success through Liberalism, and that all opposition to President Obama’s vision of America is rooted in racism–not the logic that it has been tried before and failed several times over the course of history. MSNBC Host Toure went as far as to describe Dr. Carson as “The GOP’s new Black Best Friend” for publicly pronouncing his Conservatism.

As a Conservative of Color, I myself have often said, “Watch how quickly your Liberal counterparts will take to personal attacks”–such as those of Terrell and Toure–“when you counter their ideas on government, race and personal responsibility.” When a Liberal attacks a Conservative of Color, it only goes to show their ingrained belief that minorities in America are subservient to them, with no opinions or ideas shaped upon personal experiences–only what is popular and approved at the time.  

I believe that it is I who captain my own ship in life, and that it is not up to government to lift mine or any other boats in life but my responsibility to use the tools laid out before me to better myself in the end.

Dr. Carson believes as I do and that is why the Left seeks to silence us and pretend we don’t exist. At the end of the day their vision of America hurts the very people that they claim they want to help.

We will not apologize for being who and what we are: Conservatives of Color.