Mass Stabbing On Texas Campus With Weapons Ban

Mass Stabbing On Texas Campus With Weapons Ban

Reports indicate up to 14 people were stabbed by an individual armed with a knife at the Houston-area LoneStar College on the morning of April 9.

Reports also indicate that one of those stabbed is in critical condition.

There were allegedly two men armed with knives, one of whom has been captured. The school sent out an alert to students, warning them to lock their doors and stay inside until the second individual is apprehended as well.

The campus was also the site of a shooting in January

Students who witnessed the stabbings have told stories of trying to run away and watching their friends get stabbed as they ran.

Long Star College is a Gun Free Zone that also bans the possession of many types of knives. This attack comes on heels of shooting at Long Star College in January.

Photo source: Fox News