Gov. Christie Hopes to Ban M-Rated Game Sales to Minors

Gov. Christie Hopes to Ban M-Rated Game Sales to Minors

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie (R) is working on a retail sales ban that will prevent minors from buying or renting violent video games without parental consent. 

He wants the ban to work like the rules that govern R-rated movies in theaters.

This means games like “Call of Duty: Black Ops”–a game set in guerrilla warfare conditions where guns are central to game play–would be off limits without a note from mom. 

Christie’s efforts also include a ban on the incredibly popular Barrett .50 caliber rifle. 

Is a .50 caliber commonly used in crime? No. In fact, one would be hard pressed to find a crime in which one was used. 

Moreover, a new Barrett semi-auto .50 cal costs about $10,000–stripped down to nothing–and the price goes up by the thousands as you add you accessories like a scope and other things. You can get a single shot Barrett .50 cal for less–for about $5,000–but the point is, this isn’t the gun they’re selling at the hardware store down the street.

Nevertheless, this appears to Gov. Christie’s answer to gun violence–take violent games away from teenagers whose parents won’t do it on their own and ban guns that only wealthier Americans or true firearm aficionados think about buying anyway. 

Editor’s Note: The original headline of this article claimed Gov. Christie hoped specifically to ban “Call of Duty” games, presumably to all consumers rather than just minors. We have corrected and sincerely regret the error.