Congressman to Holder: 'Throw the President under the Bus'

Congressman to Holder: 'Throw the President under the Bus'

In an exclusive interview with Breitbart News, Rep. Paul Gosar (R-AZ) unloaded on Attorney General Eric Holder, offering up the possibility that the nation’s top law enforcement official may turn on President Barack Obama and shed light on one or several of the many scandals facing the White House.

“Here’s your chance, Eric: You can throw the president under the bus, too, just like he’s going to throw you under the bus,” Gosar, a member of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, said in the phone interview.

Gosar has previously called for Holder’s resignation. He introduced a resolution, which attracted many cosponsors, demanding Holder’s immediate resignation as a result of Operation Fast and Furious. He told Breitbart News he is currently “pushing” his resolution calling for Holder’s immediate resignation “hard.”

“We want his job,” Gosar said. “We have had renewed interest already.”

Calls for Holder’s resignation have resurfaced in recent days, and mainstream media outlets have come to call Obama’s top cop “embattled.” A report from the Chicago Sun Times suggests that President Obama is considering naming Deval Patrick, the Democratic governor of Massachusetts, to replace Holder. Patrick’s name has been mentioned for other cabinet positions, including Attorney General.

But even if Holder resigns, Gosar said he is not forgiven. “Just because you resign your post doesn’t mean you’ve resolved your sins,” Gosar said. “You have to go and face the music. Eric Holder still faces the music in Fast and Furious, he still faces the music in the IRS scandal, he still faces the music with AP. We have an Attorney General who’s defying the law and he has to be held accountable to the disgrace and disregard to it.”

Gosar added that there “absolutely” should be a special prosecutor appointed to investigate the IRS scandal, and said it should be an “independently-picked prosecutor. Absolutely. This government does not deserve to be trusted. We have run out of trust. We’re running on empty.”

“Trusting Eric Holder and the Department of Justice to investigate themselves is like an arsonist trying to put out a fire. They can not do that at all. I think if you look at this guy, Eric Holder, as you know I’m no fan of his. He’s kind of like the old Hogan’s Heroes guy Sergeant Schultz. He’s got that thing to him: he knows nothing, he sees nothing and he says nothing. That’s hardly what you want to have as your chief law officer of the country.”

As an example of the trust deficit Obama and Holder have with the American people, Gosar points to how Obama and Treasury Secretary Jack Lew asked for the resignation of IRS commissioner Steven Miller, and tried to pass it off as a step towards fixing the scandal there–even though Miller was already scheduled to leave the agency. 

“To just give you an example, he [Obama] fires the acting IRS director, who wasn’t involved in this the first time and was going to be leaving office anyway,” Gosar said. “I’m glad to see that they let him go and I’m hoping that he will be reporting to federal prison here shortly. But, it shows that there are consequences for your actions.”

Gosar added that Holder not putting his recusal from the Associated Press phone records case in writing “is like a fox guarding the hen house.”

“Here’s a guy who is defying our constitution, I mean I want to take a constitution book and I want to do night-time reading for him,” Gosar said. “I’ll be happy to read it to him and explain it to him if he needs that. So, when he goes to sleep, he has that conscious effort to understand what the constitution is all about. Here is a guy that is feigning the rule of law and he’s defying it by trying to be coy and cunning by not putting anything on paper. Once again, here’s a guy who read everything as a U.S. Attorney and he says nothing, he sees nothing and he reads nothing. Unbelievable. He’s conveniently uninvolved, once again. How convenient? An Attorney General of convenience instead of an Attorney General of the law.”