Gomez: I'll Beat Markey's DC Machine

Gomez: I'll Beat Markey's DC Machine

National Democrats are rushing to Massachusetts to support Democrat Rep. Ed Markey’s campaign for the Senate. Markey, who entered Congress during the Nixon Administration, is in a tough race against businessman Gabriel Gomez to fill the Senate seat left vacant by John Kerry. The parade of Democrat officials campaigning for Markey, however, only reinforce Gomez’s position as an outsider running against DC’s permanent political class.

Over the weekend, DNC Chair, Rep. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, campaigned for Markey in the Bay State. On Monday, Vice-President Joe Biden and Al Gore will headline a fundraiser for Markey in Boston. On Wednesday, President Obama will stump for the long-time Congressman. 

“Congressman Markey is going to have his army of people and they are all from Washington. His army is the army of D.C.,” Gomez told the Boston Herald. “But my army is the people of Massachusetts.”  

The Democrat Senatorial Campaign Committee is pumping over $700,000 into the race to attack Gomez, a former Navy Seal. Left wing groups are also spending freely in the race in a bid to blunt Gomez. 

The rallying of the Democrat Industrial Complex to Markey reinforces a key message from the Gomez campaign. “[Markey] is Washington, D.C., and that’s who he has campaigning for him,” Gomez said. “He can continue to bring them in but it’s not going to help.”

The special election is on June 25th. Democrats are clearly worried about Markey’s chances in the low-turnout election. They were caught off-guard by Scott Brown’s insurgent campaign three years ago. The Gomez campaign against Markey is giving them a case of deja vu. The national Democrats push for Markey, however, exacerbates the forces that led to Brown’s, and possibly Gomez’s, victory. 

DC’s political class is broken. Elevating another career politician to the Senate isn’t going to fix that. Markey and Gomez are the names on the ballot in two weeks, but the election is really about DC and the rest of the country.