DOJ Delaying Prosecution of McConnell Bugger?

DOJ Delaying Prosecution of McConnell Bugger?

Why have Attorney General Eric Holder and the Justice Department been dragging their feet in prosecuting Curtis Morrison, the Democrat activist who publicly admitted in a piece at Salon on May 31 that he secretly recorded Mitch McConnell at his campaign headquarters? 

Morrison stated in his article that a grand jury had been empanelled in the case: “Here’s the latest: An assistant U.S. attorney, Bryan Calhoun, telephoned my attorney yesterday, asking to meet with him next Friday as charges against me are being presented to a grand jury.”

But eight days later, on June 7, Morrison wrote on his blog, “My attorney supposed to be meeting with Asst. District Attorney Bryan Calhoun today, but I haven’t heard from him yet on how that went.” Later that day, he tweeted, “Update: US Attorney cancelled today’s mtg w/my attorney & we don’t why. Supposed to find out nxt week.”

On Wednesday, the political director of ABC News, Rick Klein, was publicizing a story ABC released about the case and offended Morrison by tweeting this:

@RickKlein McConnell’s confessed bugger still not charged; DOJ not talking (via @ABC)

Morrison responded in a piece titled “ABC Political Director so far up Mitch McConnell’s ass, needs flashlight”:

When the political director of ABC, Rick Klein, promotes the story on Twitter he still doesn’t think the headline is biased enough to the right, so he creates an all-new one implying I confessed (so I must have done something wrong) and that I was a “bugger,” implying either that I installed equipment in advance or that I am a sodomite? Klein probably has McConnell’s cellphone number programmed in his phone, but what he does not have, is a dictionary.

Then Morrison quoted Merriam-Webster:


1. a person who plants electronic bugs

2. sodomite

Morrison concluded: “(Disclosure: I am gay, but I don’t typically self-identify as a sodomite.)”

The ABC story notes, “…federal authorities have yet to say whether he is being prosecuted… The Department of Justice has not responded to a request for comment on where the Morrison investigation stands.”