California High School Hosts Laser Tag Event for Seniors

California High School Hosts Laser Tag Event for Seniors

While the atmosphere in some California schools is against anything even remotely associated with guns, Rio Vista High just hosted a 3 hour laser tag event for its senior class.

Laser tag involves one team using devices armed with lasers to shoot at electronic markers on vests or bands worn by individuals on another team. When one of the markers is hit, the person who was wearing it is out.  

The high school’s most recent laser tag event was its second in as many years. It took place during school hours and the cost was covered at the school’s expense. 

Principal Vicky Turk and vice principal Maria Elena Becerra took part in the event, as did other staff members. At one point, they even divided teams into students versus staff. 

This is taking place in the same state where the anti-gun climate has reached such a fever pitch that an elementary in Hayward, CA recently made news for hosting a toy gun exchange–allowing students to bring and trade a toy gun for a book and a chance to win a bicycle. 

Just think–in Hayward they are asking kids to turn in their Nerf guns, while just sixty miles to the northeast, in Rio Vista, the principal is taking three hours out of her day to play a game of laser tag with her students. 

Way to go Rio Vista.

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