Florida GOP Call on Obama to Embrace Economic Policies of Rick Scott

Florida GOP Call on Obama to Embrace Economic Policies of Rick Scott

Ahead of his scheduled economy speech in Jacksonville, FL, the Florida Republican Party is calling on President Barack Obama to abandon progressive economic policies for conservative ones, like those of Gov. Rick Scott.

“I want to welcome President Obama to Jacksonville today,” Florida GOP chairman Lenny Curry said in a statement to be released on Thursday morning obtained by Breitbart News.

While Floridians look forward to hearing what you have to say about the economy, I know that they are much more interested in what you will do to strengthen our economy. After having the second highest jump in unemployment in the country in the four years prior to Governor Scott’s inauguration, his formula of lowering taxes, decreasing regulations and creating an environment friendly for job creators has resulted in Florida having the second largest drop in unemployment in the country. I urge President Obama to take this formula of success back to Washington so that middle class families can look forward to a stronger economy instead of more rhetoric about it.

With Curry’s statement, the Florida GOP is running a full-page advertisement in Jacksonville’s daily newspaper the Florida Times-Union on Thursday morning. The advertisement touts Gov. Scott’s economic policies in comparison to those of President Obama.

The print ad plays off Obama’s July 23 comments, in which he told an Illinois high school that Washington, D.C. has “taken its eye off the ball.”

After noting that remark, the print ad says that “Fortunately for Florida, Governor Rick Scott goes to bat every day to create jobs,” then lays out the governor’s economic policies.