Weiner's Brother Tried to Silence Anthony's Sexting Partner

Weiner's Brother Tried to Silence Anthony's Sexting Partner

According to Lou Colagiovanni, a close friend of Sydney Leathers, the 23-year-old woman who was the target of Anthony Weiner’s sexting starting in July 2012, Weiner’s brother Jason tried to silence Weathers from speaking out about the illicit relationship. 

Colagiovanni told MailOnline that Jason contacted Weathers on April 12, 2013, two days after the New York Times puff piece attempting to resurrect Weiner’s reputation. Colagiovanni said Weathers was “sacred and shaken” by Jason’s attempt to frighten her into silence after she had posted something about Anthony on her Facebook wall. Colagiovanni said of Anthony Weiner:

His brother was trying to smooth-over any problems which leads me to believe he may have done this before with other mistresses. Sydney was scared by the contact. Bear in mind she had never spoken to the brother. Absolutely she was shaken by it. You have to remember at that stage she hadn’t told anyone about the relationship. She had been sitting on it for months. Initially she didn’t want the story to come out but this was very clearly a damage control exercise. The brothers were acting as each other’s wingmen. It seemed quite clearly what Weiner had his brother do for him – damage control. The irony is by doing so all they did was cause all this to come out because it left Sydney scared. She sent me a message and said she had a story she wanted to tell me. Only Sydney and her psychotherapist knew about it.

Jason Weiner has “categorically denied” the accusations of trying to silence Weathers.

Colegiovanni first met Leathers in April 2010, when she worked for him on his political website “We Survived Bush You Will Survive Obama.” By April 2013, they had grown close enough that she confessed to him what was going on with Weiner. Colegiovanni said:

I was initially shocked by what she told me and showed me. He offered her a condo in Chicago. He offered to pay for it. He offered to help her move. He said “I’m huge” referring to his muscles indicating he could help her move furniture.  I believe that this condo in Chicago was to be nothing more than a sex den for Anthony Weiner so he could show up and have his way with her and go back to his wife and pretend he’s like a happy family man. She told me in our conversations that she thought she was in love with him and the way it was described to me she slowly developed a disdain for him in her mind. She thought he was “a righteous man.”

Colegiovanni added that that Weiner called Leathers “every single day for six months” to discuss sex.  He continued, “She told me that Anthony Weiner had contacted her one week after his last big mea culpa in public saying how sorry he was for his mistakes and how his wife was standing by him and he had changed and by her disclosing that to me, it makes perfect sense because it was during the time the relationship was ongoing and shows to me that all he is saying now is a lie.”