SC: PAC Begins 'Graham Policies' Tour

SC: PAC Begins 'Graham Policies' Tour

On Monday, national and local Tea Party and conservative activists kick off a tour of South Carolina, highlighting Sen. Lindsey Graham’s support for policies that undermine the rule of law, expand government and increase taxes. The tour is sponsored by the Western Representation PAC and is being planned in cooperation with several local Tea Party and Patriot groups in the Magnolia State.  

“This is our first (of many) trips to the state, giving us the opportunity to start building relationships with activists, media, and regular people of South Carolina,” Dustin Stockton, founder of Western PAC told Breitbart News. “It’s also an opportunity for us to start vetting both Graham and everyone who has expressed interest in a challenge.”

Sen. Graham, who is up for reelection in 2014, has long been a potential target of conservative activists. Several challengers are reportedly weighing bids for the June 2014 primary. Graham would need to receive at least 50% of the vote in that primary to avoid a run-off. A poll taken at the end of 2012 found Graham right around that level of support against a generic “someone more conservative” opponent. Graham led by 9 points, 51%-40%. 

Graham is still the favorite in the primary. At end of June, Graham reported over $6 million in available campaign funds. An activated base of voters opposed to his candidacy, however, could erase much of that cash advantage. This week’s “Graham Policies Tour” is designed to stoke that opposition. 

Events are planned in 5 different cities across the state. At each event, the negative consequences of several policies supported by Graham will be highlighted. Graham’s support of amnesty for illegal aliens, and the negative economic consequences of that on working-class Americans will receive particular attention. 

Monday July 29th

Aiken, SC (10:30 AM Aiken City Council bldg via The Alley)

Charleston, SC (5:00 PM How Art Thou Café)

Tuesday July 30th

Myrtle Beach, SC (10:30 AM Rotelli’s 201 Graduate Way)

Columbia, SC (5:00 PM Capitol)

Wednesday July 31st

Spartanburg, SC (10:30 AM The Beacon Drive-In)

The primary is a little less than a year away. That, however, is a life-time in politics.