Obama, Biden Planning 'Fun' College Tour

Obama, Biden Planning 'Fun' College Tour

While Egypt is burning, Syria is in chaos, and unemployment is rising in more than half of America’s states, the White House is joyfully reporting that Joe Biden will join Barack Obama for a “fun and informative” bus tour on college costs. 

Spokesman Josh Earnest said Obama would speak about how to “reign in the skyrocketing costs of a college education. It is going to be hopefully both fun and informative. The president does plan to have some new proposals that he’s going to be talking about.”

Biden is scheduled to join Obama for the Scranton, Pennsylvania leg of the tour. When Earnest was asked by the press what was the “fun” going to be, he replied, “The current plan is for the vice president to join the president in Scranton, so that should be fun. See?”

Biden lived in Scranton as a child.

Earnest reassured the White House press corps that this trip was solely to discuss education policy, saying, “The focus of the proposals that the president will be talking about will be higher education.”