Tea Party Nation Endorses Joe Carr in Tennessee GOP Senate Primary

Tea Party Nation Endorses Joe Carr in Tennessee GOP Senate Primary

Judson Phillips, who organized the April 15, 2009 Nashville Tea Party and is the founder of Tea Party Nation, announced today that his group is endorsing Joe Carr in the 2014 Tennessee Republican primary election against incumbent Senator Lamar Alexander (R-TN).

“We enthusiastically endorse Joe Carr in the Tennessee Republican Senate Primary,” said Phillips following Carr’s announcement this morning that he would challenge Lamar Alexander.

“At Tea Party Nation, we refer to Senator Alexander as ‘Liberal Lamar’ because he votes with Barack Obama more often than he votes the way the people of Tennessee want him to vote. Perhaps he should be referred to as the Senator from Obama,” Phillips noted.

Phillips, who was at the center of the national spotlight in 2010 when he organized a Tea Party convention in Nashville at which Alaska Governor Sarah Palin was the featured speaker, praised Carr’s record in the Tennessee General Assembly. 

“Joe Carr has established a track record in the Tennessee House of Representatives as a solid conservative,” he said. “Lamar Alexander should be the top target of conservatives looking to oust RINOs in 2014. While most conservatives are focusing on defeating Lindsey Graham, Lamar’s record shows that he is more of a threat to conservatism. While he does not attract the attention Graham does, his voting record is worse and he does more damage to the cause of conservatism than Lindsey Graham does.”

Phillips concluded that, “Tennessee conservatives should unite around Joe Carr, a patriot and a great candidate.”