Obama Will Ask Congress for Authority to Attack Syria

Obama Will Ask Congress for Authority to Attack Syria

President Barack Obama spoke from the Rose Garden on Saturday, announcing his decision to seek Congressional approval for a strike on Syria. In the past week, as evidence grew that the Syrian government used chemical weapons on its own citizens, members of Congress urged Obama to consult with them before the US undertook any military action against Syria. 

Obama said he was convinced Syria was guilty of using chemical weapons. He also said he believed he had the authority to take military action. He added, though, that as the leader of a constitutional republic, he thought it better to get Congressional approval. 

Obama said our military capability to strike Syria would still remain a week or a month from now. The international uncertainty, then, will continue. Congress is not scheduled to return to Washington until September 9th. 

Congress is scheduled to meet for nine legislative days in September. In addition to debate over military intervention in Syria, Congress will also have to extend government spending authority, which expires at the end of the month.