Harry Reid: I Don't Doubt Ted Cruz's 'Sincerity' in Obamacare Fight

Harry Reid: I Don't Doubt Ted Cruz's 'Sincerity' in Obamacare Fight

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid suggested he does not believe Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) has ulterior motives in his push to defund Obamacare in Congress’s Continuing Resolution (CR) in a Monday floor speech.

“I almost would bet–although I am not a betting man–that most Americans would want us to agree on not shutting down the government,” Reid said on the floor of the U.S. Senate, during a response to one of Cruz’s motions to block Reid’s procedural maneuvers to reinsert funding for the Affordable Care Act into the bill. 

“I know the sincerity of the senator from Texas,” Reid continued. “I understand that. I disagree with him. I hope as sincerely as he disagrees with me. But I don’t take away from his sincerity. But having said that, I am in a position now to object, and I must do that.”

For the past couple of weeks, many Republicans, Democrats, and media figures have argued that Cruz is acting out of political ambition, particularly any potential 2016 presidential aspirations. Now that Cruz has gotten face-to-face with Reid on the Senate floor, though, Reid has countered that, in his own view, Cruz is genuinely motivated, and the Democratic leader is genuinely ideologically opposed to Cruz.