Pro-Life Women Gather to Support Cuccinelli at VA Gubernatorial Debate

Pro-Life Women Gather to Support Cuccinelli at VA Gubernatorial Debate

Pro-life women from across the state of Virginia are gathering in front of the venue to Wednesday night’s debate between gubernatorial candidates Ken Cuccinelli (R) and Terry McAuliffe (D). A group called Women For Ken will support Cuccinelli’s pro-life position and draw attention to McAuliffe’s recent admission, caught on tape, that he would go around Virginia’s Board of Health regulations in order to keep abortion clinics open that don’t meet the state’s health standards.

In an email statement to Breitbart News, Marjorie Dannenfelser, president of Susan B. Anthony List, observed that though McAuliffe has used abortion as an issue in his campaign ads, he has continually refused to fully articulate is own position on the issue.

Dannenfelser noted that when confronted by a reporter about his position on taxpayer funded abortion on demand, McAuliffe commented about the weather.

In addition, though McAuliffe told Politico that a new Virginia Principles Fund ad exposing his support for taxpayer funding of abortion was false, he failed to point out a single inaccuracy.

Dannenfelser also observed that while McAuliffe was recorded saying he will use a “guidance opinion” to keep unsafe abortion clinics open, the Governor has no such authority and “guidance opinion” does not appear anywhere in the Virginia code. 

Members of the pro-life group supporting Cuccinelli include: Leslie Davis Blackwell of Women Speak Out – Virginia (WSO-V); Dr. Day Gardner of both WSO-V and the National Black Pro-Life Union; Mallory Quigley of Susan B. Anthony List; and Olivia Gans Turner of Virginia Society for Human Life.

In a press release, Davis, spokeswoman for WSO-V, said:

Terry McAuliffe has repeatedly dodged tough questions of great importance to Virginia women and families, including issues of taxpayer funding of abortion and abortion after twenty weeks gestation. McAuliffe’s opposition to common sense health and safety regulations aimed at protecting women in the wake of Kermit Gosnell’s Philadelphia ‘house of horrors,’ shows he is out of step with Virginians.

A new ad by the Virginia Principles Fund blasts McAuliffe for supporting abortion on demand paid for by Virginia taxpayers.

“Terry McAuliffe seems to be confused about his own radical record supporting abortion on demand, up until the moment of birth, all paid for by the taxpayers,” said Emily Buchanan, treasurer of WSO-V, in a press release. “If the McAuliffe campaign sees a single inaccuracy in this new ad, let them point it out. To date, Terry McAuliffe has refused to name even a single case in which he would protect the life of an unborn child.”