Sec. Sebelius: 'We're About To Make Some History'

Sec. Sebelius: 'We're About To Make Some History'

With just hours to go until the government’s Obamacare healthcare exchanges go live nationwide, Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Kathleen Sebelius said on Monday that Obamacare’s grand opening will be a historic success, “shutdown or no shutdown.” 

“We’re about to make some history,” said Sebelius. “I think some very positive history for lots of families.” 

Obamacare call centers and so-called “navigators”–those tasked with helping get people enrolled in Obamacare–will not be affected in the event of a looming government shutdown, said Sebelius. 

The HHS Secretary conceded that Obamacare’s grand opening is “likely to have some glitches” for the 36 exchanges under HHS’s control but reassured citizens that HHS “will fix them and move on.” 

Sebelius added: “Oct. 1 is not the end of anything; it is the beginning.”