Five in Iowa Sign Up for ObamaCare

Five in Iowa Sign Up for ObamaCare

Five very persistent people have been able to enroll in ObamaCare in Iowa, the Des Moines Register reports. The paper reports the five successful employees the “Hardy Handful,” noting the ultimately successful enrollees experienced long delays and were repeatedly booted off the exchanges. Iowa, it should be noted, is where Obama began his successful march to the Democrat nomination. 

“They threaded the needle and got in,” Cliff Gold, COO of an insurance carrier, told the paper. “It’s like when a radio station says, ‘If you’re the 20th caller, you’ll win something.’ These people were the 20th caller.”

That wasn’t how the exchanges were promoted to the public over the past three years. It was billed as a challenging online game.

Still, five is better than some states like Hawaii, where no one has been able to enroll in ObamaCare. In Iowa, there are around 270,000 uninsured individuals.