Amid 'Light' Turnout, Steve Lonegan Makes Final Rally in NJ Senate Race

Amid 'Light' Turnout, Steve Lonegan Makes Final Rally in NJ Senate Race

After a hard-fought campaign of several months to replace Senator Frank Lautenberg, New Jersey voters have been hitting the polls today in what reports call “light” to “steady” numbers, while conservative candidate Steve Lonegan hits the media for their liberal bias.

The Star-Ledger is reporting this afternoon that turnout so far has been “steady” in Newark Mayor Cory Booker’s native Essex County, while Republican strongholds have seen smaller numbers during the work day. For much of the state, turnout already appears to have increased significantly from that of the August primary, even though this election was scheduled on Wednesday, which is unorthodox for the state. The numbers–particularly in the less trafficked regions so far today–are expected to swell as voters return home from work.

The candidates have spent much of their final hours attempting to get out the vote and spread the word on their philosophies. Newark Mayor Cory Booker appeared earlier today at his polling station (which many, including Lonegan, allege might not be where he lives) to vote and recently began circulating a petition to end the congressional shutdown.

Lonegan’s final day on the trail, meanwhile, included a press conference in front of Booker’s alleged home in Newark, where he fielded questions from PIX 11 as to the consistency of his claims. Repeatedly telling anchor Kori Chambers that he indeed believed reports that Booker did not live in Newark and had welcomed neighbors who corroborated the claim at his press conference, he repeated that he believed Booker’s tenure to be a “total failure.” 

He implored the anchor to “do your homework, sir.” An incensed Lonegan dismissed the attacks as to his position on Booker’s residence. After being repeatedly asked, he quipped, “You have your biased opinion, I expect that from the liberal media.”

Watch Lonegan’s heated interview the day before New Jersey residents hit the polls below: