Woman Drives More than 5,000 Miles to Fight Ticket

BELVIDERE, N.J., Dec. 4 (UPI) — A Kentucky woman whose “Liberty Van” is covered in political stickers and figurines said she traveled more than 5,000 miles to beat an obstructed view ticket.

Lynda Farley, 62, said she was issued the $56 ticket in Warren County, N.J., while driving home the day after Sept. 11 ceremonies in New York, and she has since made the 800-mile drive from her Edmonton home back to New Jersey “four or five times” to contest the ticket, the Express-Times, Easton, Pa., reported Wednesday.

Farley said the windshield and front windows of her 2004 Nissan Quest remain bare, while the rest of the vehicle is covered in stickers and figurines representing political causes such as repealing smoking bans and supporting gun rights.

New Jersey Superior Court Judge Ann Bartlett tossed out the fine Tuesday, ruling the van’s blind spots do raise safety concerns but the law only requires drivers to have full view of the road from the front and side windows.

Farley said she will not give up her “Liberty Van.”

“If I hadn’t won this appeal, I would have appealed it again,” she said. “I’m not going to quit driving [the van].”