'Don't Worry About the Price Tag' Song Wins Obamacare Video Contest

'Don't Worry About the Price Tag' Song Wins Obamacare Video Contest

The US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has been working tirelessly to sell Obamacare to the young and healthy, whose participation will subsidize care for older, sicker individuals – rendering this age group indispensable to the program.

In August 2013, Young Invincibles (a name suggestive of comic book heroes) in partnership with HHS, launched the Healthy Young America Video Contest in order to mobilize American youth to “educate and Inform one another about the Affordable Care Act.” 

“This isn’t your mom’s contest, (sorry mom, though you can try too),” the notice on the group’s website reads. A total of $30,000 in cash prizes was offered in various categories.

Erin Lindsay, Deputy Director of Online Engagement for the Office of Digital Strategy, announced the contest winners.

The grand prize was awarded to Erin McDonald for her video “Forget about the Price Tag,” which HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius promoted as helping young Americans share their “stories” with their peers.

The winning song, a rendition of edgy pop singer Jessie J’s 2011 hit “Price Tag,” sends a far different and more insidious message than the original:

Ain’t about the, uh, cha-ching cha-ching
Ain’t about the, yeah, bling bla-bling
Affordable Care Act — Don’t worry about the price tag

…You are not immune to all disease.