Girl Scouts Scrub 'Homopunk' Spokesman from Press Page

Girl Scouts Scrub 'Homopunk' Spokesman from Press Page

Joshua Ackley, the lead singer of the “homopunk” band The Dead Betties, is no longer listed as the main media spokesman for the Girl Scouts two days after an article questioning whether the youth organization is best represented by an individual with a lewd public hobby.

Ackley’s name was removed from the Girl Scout media page after Breitbart News reported Sunday night about the after-hours activities of Ackley. He and the Betties have produced a number of albums and at least two videos that some Girl Scout moms found objectionable. One shows a woman being stalked and strangled, all under the sneering countenance of Ackley. Another video shows a young man, perhaps Ackley himself, writhing around in newspapers, appearing to touch his genitals.

For the last several years, Ackley was one of the chief press spokesmen for the Girl Scouts and, in recent weeks, the only media representative listed on their press page. He has also been the Girl Scouts’ chief blogger, where he spoke directly to the girls on Girl Scout news and advice.

The Girl Scout media team now includes Karen Parisi, who used to work for the Ms. Foundation, one of the most influential abortion advocacy groups in America. Her new counterpart is Stewart Goodbody, who comes from a career in public relations and issue advocacy.

The Girl Scouts informed Breitbart News that Ackley remains with the organization in its communications department.