Scott Brown Sells MA Home; Campaign for Senate in NH Seems Inevitable

Scott Brown Sells MA Home; Campaign for Senate in NH Seems Inevitable

Andrew Glincher, the managing partner at Nixon Peabody, LLP, the law firm where former Senator Scott Brown (R-MA) is employed, has confirmed in an interview with Bloomberg News that Brown has sold his primary residence in Wrentham, Massachusetts. 

Glincher said Brown has informed him that he plans to move his primary residence to New Hampshire, but will continue to practice law in Nixon Peabody’s Boston office because he is not licensed to practice law in the Granite State.

Bloomberg reported that “Glincher said Brown hasn’t made up his mind about running for the Senate, although he thinks the former senator has ambitions beyond the law firm.”

Significantly, however, Glincher added that “[s]ome people, when they start, you are already writing the press release for when they leave.”

Several factors suggest that Brown is likely to announce his candidacy for the Republican nomination for the United States Senate in New Hampshire in 2014. Brown has owned a vacation home in New Hampshire for many years. He is scheduled to speak at the New Hampshire State Republican Committe’s annual holiday party in Nashua on Thursday. In addition, his political action committee has been authorized to spend money in New Hampshire.

New Hampshire is one of several Senate seats currently held by Democrats that are considered vulnerable in the 2014 elections. The incumbent, Democrat Jean Shaheen, narrowly won her 2008 election with only 52% of the vote.

Boston talk radio host Howie Carr, whose listening audience reaches well into New Hampshire, thinks Brown will be a strong challenger to Shaheen. “I think he’ll be a formidable candidate,” Carr told Breitbart News on Tuesday. “This fight is going to be all about Obamacare, and Shaheen has been on the wrong side of the issue since Day One.” 

Of the 35 Senate seats up for grabs in the 2014 election, 21 are held by Democrats. In order to gain majority control of the Senate, Republicans need to take away at least 6 of these seats currently held by Democrats. 

Brown defeated Attorney General Martha Coakley in a special election held to replace the Massachusetts Democrat Edward Kennedy, who died in office, in the United States Senate in January 2010. Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) defeated Brown in his November 2012 bid for re-election.