In Mississippi, Vote Chris McDaniel on Tuesday!

In Mississippi, Vote Chris McDaniel on Tuesday!

This coming Tuesday, June 24th, Mississippians have an opportunity to vote in perhaps the most important election for U.S. Senate in their lifetimes. The results will play a major role in deciding the direction our country will move in going forward. 

Are voters in the Magnolia State ready to break-up the failed status-quo or will they side with more of the same? Mississippi has become ground zero in the fight that will help answer these questions: what do we as Americans stand for, and where should we go from here?

Do we stand for individual liberty and responsibility or a centralized government that makes our decisions for us? Do we stand for fiscal responsibility and balanced budgets or reckless spending and an unsustainable national debt? Do we support the idea of the citizen politician or the career politician? 

Senator Thad Cochran, who was first elected to Congress before the final Apollo moon landing in 1972, represents in many ways what has unfolded in Washington over the past 40-plus years. Our nation’s capital has become out of touch, bloated, and broken. The politicians who roam the halls of Congress have become too comfortable in their cushy offices and incapable of changing their own dysfunctional ways.

Conservative challenger Chris McDaniel, by contrast, is ready to come to Washington to get the job done and then go home. He will never become a Washington insider who cuts irresponsible backroom deals behind closed doors. By casting a vote for McDaniel, you are casting a vote for:

  • Constitutional Principles
  • Balanced Budgets
  • Repealing Obamacare
  • Reforming Washington
  • Pro-Growth Economic Policies
  • Conservative Leadership
  • A New Optimistic Way Forward

If you are registered to vote in the state of Mississippi, casting a vote for Chris McDaniel will not only help elect a fantastic conservative leader to the U.S. Senate, but you will also be telling the rest of your fellow citizens around the country that you are ready for different results to come out of Washington. The American Dream can still be a reality for future generations, but we need new leaders in order to solve our nation’s current challenges. Don’t keep electing the same leaders and expect different results. Vote Chris McDaniel on Tuesday June 24th.