Chris Christie Vetoes 'High Capacity' Magazine Ban

Chris Christie Vetoes 'High Capacity' Magazine Ban

On July 2, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie (R) vetoed A2006, a gun control bill which would have limited magazines in NJ to 10 rounds. Christie said he vetoed the bill because “it would do nothing to reduce gun violence.

According to, Christie said:

This [bill] is the very embodiment of reform in name only. It simply defies common sense to believe that imposing a new and entirely arbitrary number of bullets that can be loaded into a firearm will somehow eradicate, or even reduce, future instances of mass violence.

Gun control proponents–including two parents from Sandy Hook Elementary–delivered 55,000 signatures in support of the magazine restriction just one hour before Christie vetoed it. Of the 55,000, only 10,000 were from New Jersey. 

Christie “conditionally vetoed” the bill, rewriting it and “eliminating the ammunition capacity reduction and suggesting in its place several changes to the state’s mental health system that he first proposed more than a year ago.”

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