NY Professor Arrested for Assaulting Cops at Eric Garner Protest March

NY Professor Arrested for Assaulting Cops at Eric Garner Protest March

On Saturday evening, police in New York reported that an Eric Garner protester was observed throwing a trash can onto the street near the Brooklyn Bridge. When they tried to make an arrest, the can-thrower attacked them. A day later, police announced that a professor for a New York college was arrested for the assault.

The attack on New York police occurred as thousands of marchers reached the Brooklyn Bridge during Saturday’s march in support of Eric Garner and protests over what marchers feel is an epidemic of police brutality.

Police observed a man starting to engage in unruly behavior and property destruction, but when they moved in to apprehend the protester, he fought them. Police said that the man “violently resisted” their attempts to arrest him.

Police also said that the suspect “punched and kicked the lieutenants while attempting to remove their NYPD jackets and radios.”

Other protesters also attacked the police, obstructing their effort to arrest the then-unknown troublemaker. But officers noted that some protesters did try to assist police.

One officer suffered a broken nose, but both officers were treated and released on Saturday evening.

Now, a day later, police have announced that the man they were attempting to arrest is 29-year-old CUNY professor, poet, and Brooklyn resident Eric Linsker.

Police report that Linsker was hit with seven charges: robbery, assault on a police officer, rioting, resisting arrest, reckless endangerment, obstructing government administration, and unlawful possession of marijuana.

It may come as no surprise that Professor Linsker resorted to violence. He has been arrested before for violent behavior at protests. Allegedly, in 2011, he was arrested for punching a police officer in the face at an Occupy Wall Street protest in New York City.

As a poet, Linsker has been known to indulge some violent and anti-social subjects. His poetry is often filled with attacks on police and government. In one poem, for instance, he wrote, “F**k the police.”

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