German Shepherd Gets New Home for Christmas Just Before Being Put Down


Scheduled to be put to sleep and cremated, a German Shepherd left behind when its owner died received a new home on Christmas Eve.

According to WRIC, directions for how to handle the nine-year-old dog named Bela were found in a will after the dog’s owner–Connie Ley–died. The will specified that Bela be put to sleep and cremated with the owner if a “special pet sanctuary” could not be found.

Ley’s attorney, Doug Denmure, was willing to put the dog down because it had “shown some intermittent aggression.”

On Christmas Eve, the Best Friends Animal Society in Kanab, Utah, announced that Bela had a new home. The dog was picked up on Christmas Eve and taken to the sanctuary.

Best Friends has experience working with dogs that are somewhat aggressive, and they think their trainers will be able to give Bela a good home and good life.

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