ABC News Poll: 56% of Americans Want Republicans to Block Amnesty


A new ABC News poll finds that 56 percent of Americans want Republicans to block President Barack Obama’s recent executive order on amnesty for illegal immigrants by defunding it.

The ABC News poll, which was produced by Langer Research Associates, asked respondents the following question:

Obama has taken executive action allowing as many as four million undocumented immigrants to avoid deportation. The Republicans in Congress say they may take away federal funding so this order cannot be carried out. Do you think Obama’s action on immigration should go forward, or should it be blocked?

Forty-one percent of Americans said Obama’s amnesty plan “should go forward,” versus 56 percent who said it “should be blocked.” Four percent had no opinion.

The poll also found Americans continue to be disenchanted with the state of the nation. On economic views, 58 percent said the economy continues to be “poor” or “not so good,” and only 3 percent said the economy is “excellent.”

The poll also found that 56 percent of Americans believe the nation remains on the “wrong track.”

Obama’s approval rating was 50 percent.