IRS Tells World War II Veteran: You Can’t File Taxes, You’re Dead

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From the Columbus Dispatch

Siegfried Meinstein discovered that he was dead in April. He seems to be handling the news well.

“It isn’t really a problem in my daily life,” he said, sitting at a table in his Upper Arlington assisted-living facility. “Everybody accepts my money.”

This probably requires a little more explanation, so here it is: The Internal Revenue Service thinks 94-year-old Meinstein bought the farm, bit the big one, took a permanent vacation.

And despite his family’s best efforts, the IRS hasn’t changed its mind.

“If they keep insisting, what is it you say?” Ron Meinstein asked his dad. “‘Eventually, they’ll be right?’”

The debate over Meinstein’s existence began when an accountant attempted to file the elder Meinstein’s taxes online in April. The return was denied. The Social Security Administration had listed the filer as dead, the IRS said.

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